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The term Marketeer is used to describe individuals, typically persons or groups of persons dressed in Red Fluffy jackets and having a Chuffin‘ Good Time!! Often engaged in drinking activities that involve all kinds of fun!!

Marketeers Carnival Club Bridgwater EST 1960
Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in.

The Cupboard Monster
Official News Letter of the world’s biggest homeless carnival club


Chairman: Steve Wright Captain: Alan Windsor Treasurer: Dave Kirk Jnr Secretary: Adrian Horne

24th Anniversary Issue

Hello there, hope everyone is ok, I’m sure that those of you who have driven down the Westonzoyland road in the last few weeks will have noticed, that our shed at the Halfway inn is no more.

Over the past few weeks and months, the sad task of clearing and dismantling our cart building ‘home’ has been taking place. Our processions have been scattered far and wide in locks up on various pieces of land we could ‘borrow’ for the foreseeable future, and the cart moved to a barn in Moorland where we will be building this years entry.

Work is now focused on getting the cart building area in moorland up to scratch so we can build an entry to be proud of for the 2009 carnivals.

To fulfil our plans of still entering the Concerts and carnivals whilst building a new cart building shed at Bristol Road, the club has been extremely busy fundraising and although we are still approx 6k away from our goal, the club have so far raised more this year than we managed in the whole of 2008, however with the 6k still needed we are doubling our efforts to ensure we have the money to build the shed this year (if we can’t raise the money this year we will not be able to afford to construct the new shed until august 2010, which isn’t an option).

Therefore I urge everyone to support the club in anyway you can in our fundraising efforts. The buy a brick scheme has been extremely popular and has raised a tremendous amount of money from peoples generosity, if anyone would like a to ‘buy-a-brick’ but has lost their form, please contact me or chunk and we will endeavour to deliver one to you asap.

Amongst our recent fundraising efforts, another Quiz was held, a good night was had by all that attended (even though Ramblers outnumbered the small amount of our lot) and we again raised a tidy sum of money for no expenditure.

The top table recently attended a meeting with the trustees of the Bristol road site, where it was agreed that we could build our new shed on the allotted land. And we will sign a 98 year lease on 1st September 2009. Planning permission forms and scale drawings are currently winging their way to the offices of Sedgemoor District council and we hope to have the ‘thumbs up’ within the next 5-6 weeks. Once we have obtained planning permission (and have raised the funds) we will be able to instruct a contractor to begin the erection of our new shed.

As it stands, we are planning to have the new shed erected and waterproof for Jan ’10 at the very very latest, obviously there will be some work to do to the new shed over time, including upgrading over the first few years. However we no do anticipate that we will have to divert too much money from any future cart/stage budgets, therefore we can be up back we belong and competing for the major awards in 2010, our 50th year.

One final thing, I would like to pay a heartfelt thanks to the following individuals whose generosity have helped us get to the fantastic financial situation we currently find ourselves in }

Adrian, Liz & Felicity Horne, Adrian Howells, AJE Chatwin, Alan Windsor, Andy & Estelle Vallender,  Andrew White, Arthur & Jean Butt, A W Dyke, Bill Biffen, Brian & Mavis Slocombe, Chunk & Suzette Dunster, Dan Cullen, Darryl Taylor, Dave & Lisa Kirk, Den & Bet Gore, Derek lewis, Des & Jean Wright, Greg Daughton, John & Dawn Vallender, Kevin & Anna Matthews, Mark, Sue, Bethany & Matthew Mason, Mike Bawden, Mike Butt, Mike & Marge Williams, Mrs Sue Willis, Mrs M Munckton, Neil Underwood, Old Market ‘B’ Skittles Team, Paul Stubbs & Kim Alexander, Rob & Anita Ellis, Steve Payne, Stephen Vickery, Steve & Teresa Wright, Terry Pickett, Tony Blake & Victoria Gardner.

Without their generosity Marketeers CC would be a long long way from fulfilling our goal of a new shed by 2010. Thank you all very much.

Have a good ‘Summer’ see you soon - Windsor


  • Cabaret Showtime – The next Cabaret is Sat 19th September; once again, we will be looking for extra help from all aspects of the club on the night of the Cabaret. This is vitally important as the last cabaret was such a success due to the help and support we received from all aspects of the club. Please please make a note of the date in your diaries and come down to lend us a hand.
  • Upcoming Bars – The club have bars on the following dates -  8th August, 5th Sept, 19th Sept & 27th September if anyone is available to help at any of these, please contact a committee member
  • Sponsored Lorry Pull – unfortunately we haven’t been able to get permission from Avon & Somerset police to do the lorry pull in the foreseeable future, however………..
  • Sponsored Bike Ride – the annual sponsored bike ride will be taking place on Sunday 30th August (bank holiday Sunday) we will be leaving the old market at approx midday, so please get some sponsorship and come along. Forms attached.
  • 50th Anniversary celebrations – a date and a venue have been booked, Saturday 5th June 2010 @ Chilton Trinity School, we have invited a guest speaker (who has agreed) and also booked a comedian. Prices will be made available very shortly.
  • Film Premiere 2 – as you may remember we were followed round by two sets of camera crews last year, one focusing on the club and one focusing on Chunk. After the phenomenal success of the first film (about the club) we are lucky enough to have The World Premiere of the other film coming up, this will be held on Monday 17th August starting at approx 7.45pm. as before this should be a good laugh and the chance to have a few beers whilst, unfortunately popcorn is not available on the night so please bring your own.
  • Buy-a-Brick Scheme – this is proving extremely popular, if you would like your name/message of you choice immortalised forever in the new Shed then please fill in a form and pass on to a committee member, a picture of a sample brick shows the quality of the product.





  • T-Shirts a t-shirt design has now been chosen and forms are attached to this newsletter, all forms and payment have to be in to Adrian Horne by Monday 31st August 2009.
  • Travel and Ticket forms – these will be available within the next few weeks and will be sent out to everyone with the next addition of the Newsletter.
  • Concert tickets – sorry for the late notice, if you would like concert tickets please fill in the form on page 4 of the newsletter. Forms need to be back to me by Mon 10th August at the very latest.




Meet the VP’s

This Month’s edition focuses on our very own superstar Mike Butt & Paul Brazewell

newsletter24Name – Mike Butt

Occupation – part time plasterer full time Elton john impersonator

Position in Club – playing a roll up ‘piano’ and Chairman of VP association

Year Joined – many moons ago

Reason you joined – I was plastering the house of Sir Chunk of Dunster when he mentioned that the club was in need of someone to impersonate the great Elton John, therefore I downed tools on the spot, donned by comedy glasses, and as they say the rest is history

Involvement with Club – Apart from getting mistaken for the world’s foremost number one gay rock star, I also chair meetings of the Vice presidents association.

Favourite memory of your time with the Club – can’t say top secret  newsletter24 
Ambition for the future – For the club to do Rock again. So that I can perform the role of Elton John that Matthew Knapp disgraced in our 2003 stage show.



Next up is Paul Brazewell

Name – Paul Brazewell

Nickname – Polly

Occupation – Meat Cutter Upper

Position in Club – Self appointed ‘King of all the Fairies’ & Vice Chairman of the VP Association

Year joined – many moons ago

Reason you joined – I was granted Marketeer Status when I won the 1973 Skittle and Drink-a-thon, since then I have been passing on my knowledge of both these disciplines

Involvement with Club – showing the ‘Young uns’ the skills of table top dancing after 18 pints of bitter

Favourite memory of your time with the Club – anything that ends up with me dancing on a table can usually be classed as a good night.

Ambition for the future – vegetarians to be imprisoned and force fed with Pollys quality cuts of british beef.


2009 Club Officers
President – Gerrard ‘Chunky’ Dunster
Chairman – Steve Wright –
Captain – Alan Windsor –
Treasurer – David ‘Jones’ Kirk Jnr –
Secretary –Adrian Horne–

Vice Chairman – Matthew Knapp Esq. –

Vice Captain – Kevin Groves –

Assistant Treasurer – Tim Knapp –

Assistant Secretary –Steve Adlam –


Vice Presidents Contact details

Chairman –Mike Butt–


Cart Co-Ordinator – Steve Trunks –

Engineering Co-Ordinator – Dan Cullen –

Electrical Co-Ordinator – Darryl ‘Doey’ Taylor –

Stage Co-ordinator – Ian Barber –

Thanks for reading the newsletter, I hope it was an enjoyable read and informative, hope to see you soon, Oh and please buy a brick, Cheers – Alan Windsor

Concert tickets

Name ……………………………..





Amount Tickets Required

Notes/Special requests

Amount (£10 per ticket)

Tues 6th Oct




Weds 7th Oct




Thurs 8th Oct




Fri 9th Oct




Sat 10th Oct




Mon 12th Oct












**Please make cheques payable to Adrian Horne or Alan Windsor**




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