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The term Marketeer is used to describe individuals, typically persons or groups of persons dressed in Red Fluffy jackets and having a Chuffin‘ Good Time!! Often engaged in drinking activities that involve all kinds of fun!!

Marketeers Carnival Club Bridgwater EST 1960
Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in.

The Cupboard Monster
Official News Letter of the winners of the Carnival Clubs Choice


Chairman: Steve Wright Captain: Alan Windsor Treasurer: Dave Kirk Jnr Secretary: Mark Cheffy

Another year over a new one just begun

Alright then??

Hope every one had a good Xmas and New Year, I can just remember a few moments during my xmas break so can’t have been too bad.

So what’s happen since I last sat down and bored you with mindless drivel!! Well we as a club have been to a few dinners and picked up some more trophies (these are trophies not announced on the night of the carnival but at the actual presentations), these being in Bridgwater - The Johnny Warren cup for originality (as voted for by G & F clubs) & The Peter Nicholls cup (for best use of colour on a carnival cart) with this trophy we also got a large colour print of the cart which will soon be on display in the Old Market.

And at county level we won the very prestigious honour of the Stan Bown cup AKA the Carnival clubs choice (every entry in any of the carnivals on the county circuit gets a vote on this) and speaking to John Owens after the presentations he implied that we won this award by quite a margin of votes.

Also in December the club had the Xmas cabaret and a resounding success it was both in-front and behind the bar. A record number of punters were in and also a record number of Marketeers to help waiter/serve drinks/wash up. Even with nearly 400 customers in, due to the amount of help we had, there was never a point when we failed to keep up with the trade. A big thank you to every one that helped over the weekend, in the daytime, the night and the sun morn, without your help we would have been stuffed.

Also in December the cart started coming apart, and is now getting nearer bear metal once again. Plans are afoot for next years cart and a few design meetings have already been held.

The last meeting of December saw the World premiere of the 30min documentary that was made about us over the last few months of last year, after a few teething probs (mainly us not being able to get the DVD player working) the show began. A hush surrounded the Old market as we watched the tears, tantrums and laughter and joy that surrounded last year. When the film finished, a standing ovation was afforded to the film makers Michael and James. Due to popular demand they have agreed to produce a DVD which will have both the film of the road and the concerts on. If you would like one, please contact me by 1st Feb. and I will get them ordered for you. The DVDs are priced at £6.00 and are an absolute bargain! I would urge all of you to buy this as is a thoroughly enjoyable watch and a nice reminder of a great year.

The end of December soon came and went and we are now gearing up for what will hopefully be another memorable year. The Clubs AGM is being held on Monday 19th January at The Mansion House 7.30pm start, hopefully (as last year) we will have the cart drawing there. Please make an effort to come along to the AGM as without the backing form all of you the club will struggle to exist in future years.

I hope you all had a happy Xmas and an enjoyable start to the new year, look forward to seeing you all at the AGM on 19th Jan.






Meet the Members

This Month’s edition focuses on our resident Ginge Ollie Mitchell and our Pethy inbred Mr Paul Radford

Name – Ollie Mitchell

Nickname – Ginge

Occupation – Ginger person, and chief winner of badges on stage as I smile all the time even though we weren’t meant too

Position in Club – Normally crashing vans into fence/maces car, or doing a little bit of work then telling everyone about it for the next 6 weeks.

Year Joined – 2000

Reason you joined – as a spokesman for Ginger rights, I noticed a niche in the market and thought that my involvemtent with the world reknowned marketeers would encourage gingers the world roud to speak up and have confidence in what they do, sadly it failed.

Involvement with Club – I am the chief tea/coffee maker in the Heart of the cart and have been known to drink over 27 pints of tea in one night. And winning badges over concerts coz even though I’m s**t on stage I have a nice smile

Favourite memory of your time with the Club – did I mention the badges I won over concerts, I’m brill me!!!

Ambition for the future –to find a cure for ginger-ness


Next up is Paul Radford

Name – Paul Radford

Nickname – Dingle

Occupation – Full time Pethy dude and lover of cross dressing chimps

Position in Club – at the bar

Year joined – 2002

Reason you joined – I wanted to join the long list of Pethy people in the hallowed halls of Marketeers history

Involvement with Club – Mace, Horney and Myself regularly discuss important pethy legislation, such as our campaign for inter family marriages.

Favourite memory of your time with the Club – When I mouthed off to our illustrious leader Mr A Windsor one night at skittles so he tried to hit me with a chair but lost his balance and done his knee in.

Ambition for the future – North Petherton to become a separate state with the Radford Clan recognised as heirs to the throne & for Chimp cross dressing to become an Olympic sport so I can win gold at Pethy 2016.







  • AGM – The Annual General meeting of The Marketeers Carnival Club is taking place Monday 19th January at The Mansion House 7.30pm Start. Please make the effort to attend, apologies to Windsor or Paul Brazewell.
  • Cabaret Showtime – The next Cabaret is Sat 14th Feb; as with the Xmas cab we will be looking for extra help from all aspects of the club on the night of the Cabaret. This is vitally important as the last cabaret was such a success due to the help and support we received from all aspects of the club. Please please make a note of the date in your diaries and come down to lend us a hand.
  • Pontoon Dinner - The date for the annual Pontoon dinner has been set – Saturday 14th March 2009.  Letter and forms are attached to this newsletter. Once again it is being held in Bar 27 and all trophies from out successful year will be on display.
  • Club Photo – we as a club have decided it would be a nice momento to have a group photo with all the trophies we won during the last year, dates are still being discussed, but it is though will probably be the day after the pontoon dinner. More details will follow.

2008 Club Officers
President – Gerrard ‘Chunky’ Dunster
Chairman – Steve Wrightt
Captain – Alan Windsor
Treasurer – David ‘Jones’ Kirk Jnr
Secretary – Mark Cheffy

Vice Chairman – Matthew Knapp Esq

Vice Captain – Adrian Horne

Assistant Treasurer – Tim Knapp

Assistant Secretary – Kevin Groves

Vice Presidents Contact details

Chairman – Paul Brazewell


Cart Co-Ordinator – Allan Elson

Engineering Co-Ordinator – Dan Cullen

Electrical Co-Ordinator – Darryl ‘Doey’ Taylor

Thanks for reading the newsletter, I hope it was an enjoyable read and informative, hope to see you soon – Alan Windsor




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