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The term Marketeer is used to describe individuals, typically persons or groups of persons dressed in Red Fluffy jackets and having a Chuffin‘ Good Time!! Often engaged in drinking activities that involve all kinds of fun!!

Marketeers Carnival Club Bridgwater EST 1960
Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in.

The Cupboard Monster
Official News Letter of the

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Chairman: Steve Wright Captain: Alan Windsor Treasurer: Dave Kirk Jnr Secretary: Mark Cheffy
Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

Hello one and all, hope every one enjoyed their Bank Holiday Weekend, since I last wrote to you all we have had a busy time, bars are now regularly occurring and work on the cart is continuing on a daily basis.

In between working for the club, around 25 of us departed to Benidorm for Adrian Hornes Stag Weekend. This as I'm sure everyone there would agree was an absolute barrel of laughs, and in between Grover clowning around & Horney discussing his homosexuality with a hotdog seller who looked like Lilly Savages uglier sister, we had a jolly good time!

The adventure started for many of us around 11pm on the Thurs night; unfortunately Dean 'Faggot' Waite wasn't able to make the weekend as he was appearing in the international door kicking competition (where he came away with a severely damaged foot). As more of the troops arrived, we relaxed in many ways, some sleeping, some drinking, some (me and Gadger) dishing out a Euchre lesson to the combined brains of John Turner and Grover.

The bus arrived at 3am and we made our way to Bristol airport, the next few hours were spent playing cards and drinking, whilst awaiting the flight. The flight was uneventful (if you call uneventful being a plane load of Welsh acting like C#%$) and we were soon stood in Alicante airport, doing what we seem to do all year - Waiting for Doey to turn up.

We were soon in Benidorm and relaxing by the pool whilst enjoying a few drinks, a quiet afternoon recharging the batteries turned into the complete opposite and we were soon all plastered (bit like faggots foot) the day turned into the night and after some karaoke we hit Benidorm with a vengeance.

Before we knew it, it was fast approaching sunrise and therefore home time. This trend continued throughout the weekend with alcohol being drunk like it was going out of fashion. The highlight of the Sunday night was Paul Brazewell becoming Benidorm's Bucking Bronco champion. It was soon Monday and the flight was beckoning us back to good old Blighty (luckily this time there were no Welsh). A good time was had by all and Horney even made it back in one piece.

One final note on the weekend away - Chunky dunster would like to thank Jones for sorting the rooms so that he ended up Sharing with Spud & Grover.

Also during April, the Club held a Quiz in the Blake Arms which was well attended. In the end the quiz was won by Garry & Sharon Chidgey and Tim and Cathy Knapp. The next quiz is being held in The Blake Arms Hotel Function Room Friday 16th May 2008. Please make an effort to come along, it is a very enjoyable night and raises a huge amount of money for the club.

A lot of work is still being undertaken out the halfway, and its important that we get people out there early to prevent a mad panic come the end of October/November, if you have spare time please pop out there, most people are out there on a Mon, Weds and Weekends, however if you can't make these days please contact me or Cart Co-Coordinator Allan Elson and we will sort you out access to the sheds.


Right I leave you now to enjoy your day, hope to see you all soon at one of the upcoming events, please support the club functions and everything we do in the coming months. Thanks for listening, hope to see you at the Quiz on the 16th May. Best Wishes - Windsor




Meet the Members

This Month's edition focuses on 2 men that joined the club at the same the Mark 'Dessie' Mason
& Adrian 'graveyard gob' Horne
Name - Mark Mason

Nickname - Mace or Des to the older ones!!

Occupation - Depends who you ask

Position in Club - Gold Star Winner and Meetings Chief Trouble Maker

Year Joined - 1982/83

Reason you joined - being born in North Petherton I was always bothered by the local weirdo (who unfortunately I also went to school with) I reasoned that as the inbred would never leave Pethy I should move my social circles out of Petherton and into a Bridgwater Carnival Club

Involvement with Club - In meetings, I wait for the club captain to start talking then decide to hold a discussion of my own, I also am charged with looking after the collective brains of 'The Heart of the Cart' this is particularly challenging as half of them have difficulty breathing without being told what to do, let alone wire up Bulb holders.

Favourite memory of your time with the Club - Probably being asked to stand in for my former school mate and stalker Adrian Horne on cart in Pethy in 1995 when we did Jesters!!! Now how did we get on at that Carnival????
Or, when the splinter club won a raffle over concerts - "SPLINTERS, SPLINTERS".

Ambition for the future - To win the Grand National will always be my dream, and to one day win as many badges on stage as Ollie does, I wish I had no talent but a nice smile.

Next up is vice Captain Adrian Horne

Name - Adrian Horne

Nickname - Horney

Occupation - I go round schools (not like that Grover) showing kids what their teeth will look like without regular brushing and flossing

Position in Club - Vice Captain, Leader of the Hobbits and oral hygiene specialist

Year joined - 1982/83

Reason you joined - I really liked this boy from my village that I went to school with (he had teeth do die for, so big and shiny), so when he joined I knew it was my destiny.

Involvement with Club - I stand in the electric shed messing around with Brush gear, but to be honest I haven't the foggiest what I'm doing, and leave all the hard work to Guppy. Although I do make a mean cup of coffee.

Favourite memory of your time with the Club - must have been when we stopped gremlins winning run in 1995 with jesters in my home town of North Petherton was great being on tha.... Oh hold on.. Umm right then.. being crowned the shortest committee member of all time in a recent meeting

Ambition for the future - for North Petherton to regain its title of inbred capital of Europe, and for height restrictions on fair ground rides to be abolished






  • Cabaret - the next cabaret is on Saturday 17th May 2008, please make a concerted effort to attend and lend a hand, we need help with Bar staff, waiters, Washer Uppers, basically any one that can pop along and help will be found a job/ all help is gratefully received.
  • Mastermind - The next quiz will be held on Friday 16th May 2008 at the Blake Arms Hotel, 8 a team, max 4 people per team. 8pm prompt start. Please make an effort to attend. Its easy money and a good fun night out.
  • Get your Old Clothes Out - people are out the cart every Wednesday night, if you are available please pop out for an hour or two, all help gratefully received and very appreciated.
  • VP's Race night - the VP's are holding a race night on Friday 9th May in the Old Market, please come and support this night and hopefully win yourself some money whilst at it.
  • Upcoming Fundraisers -we have Bars on Sat 7th June, Fri 20th June & 2 on Saturday 21st June, if you can help at any or would like further details please contact Alan Windsor .

2008 Club Officers
President - Gerrard 'Chunky' Dunster
Chairman - Steve Wright
Captain - Alan Windsor
Treasurer - David 'Jones' Kirk Jnr
Secretary - Mark Cheffy

Vice Chairman -Mat Knapp

Vice Captain - Adrian Horne

Assistant Treasurer - Tim Knapp

Assistant Secretary - Kevin Groves

Vice Presidents Contact details

Chairman - Paul Brazewell -


Cart Co-Ordinator - Allan Elson

Engineering Co-Ordinator - Dan Cullen -
Electrical Co-Ordinator - Darryl 'Doey' Taylor -

Thank-you for taking the time to read the latest edition of The Cupboard Monster (recently voted the best newsletter ever written); hopefully I'll see you at one of the upcoming functions. Have a safe few weeks, please come out for a sociable night at the quiz or please leand a hand at the forth coming Cabartet.
See you soon - Love Wins




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