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The term Marketeer is used to describe individuals, typically persons or groups of persons dressed in Red Fluffy jackets and having a Chuffin‘ Good Time!! Often engaged in drinking activities that involve all kinds of fun!!

Marketeers Carnival Club Bridgwater EST 1960
Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in.

The Cupboard Monster
Official News Letter of the


Chairman: Steve Wright Captain: Alan Windsor Treasurer: Dave Kirk Jnr Secretary: Mark Cheffy

We done the double (at G&F carnival draw)

Hello there, I hope everyone is ok and had a enjoyable extra long February, Feb was a very busy month for the club, with a massively massive and huge turnout at the Cabaret and the Pontoon Dinner.

The cabaret was well attended by both members and punters, and we had a record crowd in to watch Cliff Richards do his bit on stage, as mentioned earlier with over 350 people in we needed as many waiters, bar staff and washers-up as possible. And the club did not disappoint, the hands were going up as quickly as waiters could take orders and pints were being poured as fast as possible, and at the end of the night the club had made a handsome profit to show for it.

With the cabaret over the club focused on halfway and all the Monday night meetings were held out the cart. And along with people going out there on a Wednesday night the cart was soon all down and all bulbs had been tested, sorted and stored away. People are out the cart regularly so if you are free for a couple hours on a Monday or Wednesday night, please pop out and lend a hand.

After lots of hard work the club started with some fun work and Old Folks show rehearsals began in earnest, as this year’s idea is Babies, not a lot of coaching was needed for the majority to re-discover their child like side. And very soon, people were throwing their toys out of the pram, squabbling and screaming their heads off. Then we decided we’d better go upstairs and start rehearsals.

Also as mentioned earlier The Pontoon Dinner was held at the Bar 27, and with the highest number (111) attending that have for a long while, a good night was looked forward too. And it’s fair to say it did not disappoint. A lot of alcohol was drunk and a lot of laughs were had, also a big congratulations is due to all the winners as they were all well deserved.

As the club moves forward into March, there are quite a few dates in the diary to keep everyone occupied. And hopefully they will be as well supported as everything else has been so far.

On Friday 14th March the club is holding its latest in the long line of Quizzes, the last one was won By Team Big Del by a substantial margin, can anyone come back to beat them on the 14th??? You’ll have to be there to find out. The quizzes are a good laugh and enjoyable night out, and in no way over serious, the latest one is being run by Jason ‘Divvy’ Davey and is in The Blake Arms Function room 8pm start. Be good to see you all there!!!!

Easter weekend the club will be holding a skittle weekend, please come and throw a few quid the clubs way and a few balls at the pins.

Also coming up in march (as mentioned earlier) is The Old Folks Show, if you’d like a laugh and would like to come out and join us we’ll be meeting on the Old Market around 7/7.30pm on the 3 nights of the Show (Thurs 27,28 and 29th March) . Please come along if you fancy a good night out.

News this month was that the club received our stage and road draws – we were drawn as the 1st club on stage for the 1st week, and we were drawn as the 1st B/W club to come down the road, lets hope that we can keep the good vibe and momentum that is currently around the club and we will be in with a shot as having the same results as our draw times.

1st on Stage 1st on Road sound good to anyone else??

Right I leave you now to enjoy your day, hope to see you all soon at one of the upcoming events, please support the club functions and everything we do in the coming months.
Thanks for listening, hope to see you at one of our many events happening soon. Best Wishes - Windsor



Meet the Members

This month’s edition focuses on the Secretarial department with Mark Cheffy and his Vice Kevin Groves

 Name – Mark Cheffy

Nickname - Cheffs

Occupation – Eastern European relations and interpretations

Position in Club – Secretary

Year Joined – 2002

Reason you joined – I was thrown out of vaggies for when they were disqualified for being over length when I was on the front of the cart

Involvement with Club – I am the clubs head letter writer and also the head of the Cheffy twins protection racket that currently thrives throughout Marketeers. I once tested more than 5 bulbs in a whole hour before taking a coffee break.

Favourite memory of your time with the Club – preparing to go on stage when the club did platoon, guppy dropped his marine helmet that knocked my front tooth out, however he id buy me a pint (for the 1st and last time) so everything was alright.

Ambition for the future – chain smoking dogs to be a fixture in all parks across England.


Next up is Assistant Secretary Kevin Groves

Name – Kevin Groves

Nickname – Grover, The Tron, The Alien, Squid-ward, Mankind (take your pick)

Occupation – Gary Glitter impersonations and child care entrepreneur

Position in Club – Assistant Secretary, gathering information to send back to the mother ship

Year joined – 2001

Reason you joined –I liked the way that there were lots of young boys joining the club

Involvement with Club – I head up the clubs head babysitting and child care department, I am also the reason that Tom Jones had a hit record with
Sex-Bomb, I am also responsible for tea making duties out the halfway (even though I never get this right)

Favourite memory of your time with the Club – having my nose broken on my 21st birthday is a special memory that will go with me to my grave. I also enjoyed the time Chunk caught me drinking Cider through my eye as this allowed me to take my natural form as an alien invader.

Ambition for the future – Marketeers to form a juvenile element that I will head up, I would also like us to take part in the interstellar carnival circuit, as would be nice to go home. I would also like to learn to make a cup of tea properly and give the club captain his 1st as this is a task I seem incapable of mastering.




  • Pint of Lager please love – the club has 3 bars in the month of March 1 in the Bridgwater town hall Friday 14th and Sat 15th March, and one at Princess Hall, High-bridge on 22nd March, all help is appreciated  from all avenues of the club, please contact Windsor if you are able to help.
  • Mastermind – The next quiz will be held on Friday 14th March 2008 at the Blake Arms Hotel, £8 a team, max 4 people per team. Please make an effort to attend. Its easy money and a good fun night out.
  • Get your Old Clothes Out – people are out the cart every Wednesday night, if you are available please pop out for an hour or two, all help gratefully received and very appreciated.
  • Pontoon Dinner Award winners – The Slade Award – The Road Crew,                                                   The Dipstick Shield – Chunky Dunster, Cart Personality – Jamie Turner,                                                    Stage Personality – Mark Mason, The Presidents Cup – Lee Cheffy,                                                     The Vivian & Alec Bosley Shield – Andrew (Derrick) White, Marketeers Marketeers – Alan Windsor,   The Clubman of the Year – Matthew Knapp.


2008 Club Officers
President – Gerrard ‘Chunky’ Dunster
Chairman – Steve Wright –
Captain – Alan Windsor –
Treasurer – David ‘Jones’ Kirk Jnr –
Secretary – Mark Cheffy –
Vice Chairman –Vacant
Vice Captain – Adrian Horne –
Assistant Treasurer – Tim Knapp –
Assistant Secretary – Kevin Groves –

Thank-you for taking the time to read the latest edition of The Cupboard Monster (recently voted the best newsletter ever written); hopefully I’ll see you at one of the upcoming functions. Have a safe few weeks, please come out for a sociable night at the quiz or the Old Folks Show, and please help at one of our work sessions that are up-coming. See you soon
Love Wins




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