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The term Marketeer is used to describe individuals, typically persons or groups of persons dressed in Red Fluffy jackets and having a Chuffin‘ Good Time!! Often engaged in drinking activities that involve all kinds of fun!!

Marketeers Carnival Club Bridgwater EST 1960
Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in.

The Cupboard Monster
Official News Letter of the


Chairman: Steve Wright Captain: Alan Windsor Treasurer: Dave Kirk Jnr Secretary: Mark Cheffy

The Drinks are on him

Hello there, I hope everyone has enjoyed their pancakes as by the time you get this it shrove Tuesday should have just past. The club has been busy since the last newsletter with big progress being made on this year’s idea.  

A cart drawing has been finalised and a stage set designed. And the club is at its strongest (membership wise) as it has been for a long time with 36 full members (it must be something to do with the Captains hilarious regular joke of the week).

Since I last wrote to you the club has held a work session out the halfway, which was very productive but not as well supported as wished, we are holding another work session out there on SUNDAY 17th FEB, please if you are at a loose end pop out and lend a hand for a couple of hours, all help however small is appreciated.

We also held the AGM back in January, once again there was a very good turnout and the joke of the week was very well received by one and all. A new committee was formed and are having regular meetings to ensure the smooth running of the club. Details of the new committee are later in the newsletter, however one appointment I would like you to take notice of is Kevin groves has returned to the post of assistant secretary, this is down to 3 reasons,

1 – No one else wanted to do it

2 – It allows me to do my hilarious impersonation of him

3 – He has recently won 4.6 million pounds on the lotto and has pledged to buy everyone that asks him a drink of their choice.

With the month of January over, and February fast disappearing (even though there is an extra day which I don’t think we get paid for) the Old Folks Show is fast approaching, therefore we are asking for people who would like to take to the stage and perform in the now legendary Marketeers Old Folk Show skit. In the previous years we have appeared as ballerinas in Swan fake, Belly Dancers and last year - Several brides for Several Brothers!!! If you would like to view any of these shows they are available on line at  This year’s idea is Babies, so if you would like to take part, please contact Windsor or chunk, it is a good laugh and an excuse to get together for a few pints, so please consider it.

On the theme of up coming events THE VP’s AGM IS BEING HELD MONDAY 18th FEB AT THE BLAKE ARMS HOTEL 8PM START. Please make an effort to attend.

Also on upcoming events the next quiz is being held on Friday 22nd February 2008 at the Blake Arms Hotel, 8pm start and max 4 people a team (£8 per team) this is a thoroughly enjoyable night with Alan ‘Magnus Magnusson’ Windsor as the quiz master and helped out by his glamorous assistants. Can anyone knock the reigning champions (John T, Emma, Merv & Sue) off of their perch the only way to find out is by popping along and taking part.

With the clubs 50th year taking place in 2010 the club has decided to form a committee to discuss the way we should celebrate this massive achievement, if you would like to take part/help out or have any suggestions, please contact Windsor in the first instance, more info available in the coming issues.

Thanks for listening, hope to see you at one of our many events happening soon. Best Wishes - Windsor



Meet the Members

In a new feature for the newsletter we are going to meet the members, starting with Chairman Steve Wright

 Name – Steve Wright

Nickname - Mongo

Occupation – Something to do with Somerfield/Wincanton

Position in Club – Chairman

Year Joined – Ages ago in the 80’s

Reason you joined – The food we used to get when visiting over concerts

Involvement with Club – I am one of the main cart builders and hardly ever miss a night or session out there, I’m normally the first to arrive and the last to leave, I once did a full 45min stint  without going home or missing for a few hours.

Favourite memory of your time with the Club – during concerts in 1991 we visited 4 pubs in a night so I had 5 meals (including the food at White Hart) all washed down with Diet Coke. It was literally like being in heaven.

Ambition for the future – for carnival sports to incorporate a hotdog eating contest, we’d walk it.


Next up is Club Captain - Alan Windsor

Name – Alan Windsor

Nickname – Win’s

Occupation - Male model and Love God

Position in Club – Captain / Chunks tormenter in Chief

Year joined – November 1997

Reason you joined – Mace said he’d give me a job if I joined Marketeers not Vaggies

Involvement with Club – Very little, I’m mostly here due to my good looks, sparking wit and sense of humour, occasionally I might do something, but don’t like to make a habit of it.. I also send out humorous text messages to the members threatening them with all kinds of torture if they don’t do as told.

Favourite memory of your time with the Club – quite possibly breaking Grovers nose on his 21st Birthday, either that or winning 7 of our quizzes in a row without the help of a mobile phone or owt like that.

Ambition for the future – Marketeers to win the lot, whilst I’m captain which will allow me to sell exclusive rights to my wedding/birth of first child to either the Bridgwater Mercury or Morris Men monthly (I’ll sell my soul to the highest bidder)







  • AGM of the Marketeers Carnival Club VP Association – The Annual General Meeting will be held The Blake Arms on Monday 18th February 2008 at 8pm. Please make a concerted effort to attend. Apologies to a committee member ASAP.
  • Cabaret – if this reaches you in time, the cabaret is being held this Sat (9th Feb) at Chilton school, we have a record number of punters in, so if you are available please pop down and lend a hand for a few hours, would make a huge difference and be very highly appreciated.
  • Pontoon Dinner – The clubs annual award dinner will once again be held in Bar 27 (above Tudor) on Saturday the 1st of March, forms are available from Wins, these need to be returned by the February Cabaret (Sat 9th Feb 2008)
  • Congratulations – to Deane ‘Mavis’ Paisey and Mandy Paisey on the safe arrival of their new born son Ashton.
  • Mastermind – The next quiz will be held on Friday 22nd February 2008 at the Blake Arms Hotel, £8 a team, max 4 people per team. Please make an effort to attend. Its easy money and a good fun night out.
  • Get your Old Clothes Out – a work session is being held out the cart on Sun February 17th, please spare us a few hours to help with this years entry.

2008 Club Officers
President – Gerrard ‘Chunky’ Dunster
Chairman – Steve Wright –
Captain – Alan Windsor –
Treasurer – David ‘Jones’ Kirk Jnr –
Secretary – Mark Cheffy –

Vice Chairman –Vacant

Vice Captain – Adrian Horne –

Assistant Treasurer – Tim Knapp –

Assistant Secretary – Kevin Groves –

Thank-you for taking the time to read the latest edition of The Cupboard Monster (recently voted the best newsletter ever written); hopefully I’ll see you at one of the upcoming functions. And if I do don’t forget to get your drink off of our new millionaire Kevin Groves.
See you soon
Love Wins




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