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The term Marketeer is used to describe individuals, typically persons or groups of persons dressed in Red Fluffy jackets and having a Chuffin‘ Good Time!! Often engaged in drinking activities that involve all kinds of fun!!

Marketeers Carnival Club Bridgwater EST 1960
Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in.

1998 "Moscow State circus" - "TOBAPUW"

Last updated 15-03-10

The club started the year full of ideas and where after an idea that had not been done before.
When Moscow State Circus was brought to the club we knew this was the idea for us. The stage show was based on the Russian Revolution. The stage did not reach the heights of last year, but still placed us a respectable 2nd place. The cart had 5 giant spinning domes that changed from red to yellow, each dome had over 3km of wire to make them flash and it took over 1 week to wire each dome. The domes were not the only part of the cart that was to flash the side of the generator was to be one of the best parts of this years float with 8ft high flashing letters spelling out MOSCOW. Unfortunately the cart was not one of our better carts but we were happy with the 3rd place in Bridgwater.

Below from the Bridgwater Mercury Carnival supplement of this year

Kate Gent meets Members Of Marketeers cc During Preparations for this year's spectacular £14,000 cart All the fun of Russia's big top for Marketeers The Russian State Circus swung into town for this year's Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival, courtesy of Marketeers CC. Hoping for a top spot on the leader board of prizes, Marketeers CC came up with the idea to don colorful costumes and clown their way to the Dizzy heights of Carnival stardom, but before that they waved their flags and banged their drums when they staged the Russian Revolution for the Carnival Concerts where they had hoped to march their way to victory Vice captain Nick Lock has been involved with the club for 11 years.He said "We came up with the idea for the Russian Circus in February and so we have been thinking aboutcostumes and routines we were rehearsing for the stage show once a week until the middle of September and then we practiced two or three times a week as the time for the Carnival Concerts got nearer. After the concerts we just concentrated on building the cart." Everyone who is part of the club helps out in one way or another, just because your are performing on stage or on the cart does not mean that you won't be helping to build the cart as well. The Marketeers have always had interesting themes for their entries, Taken ideas from all over the world. Even in their first year in 1960. They were originally known as the Sydenham Carnival Club and the first ever offering for the carnival was "Gay Hawaiians". As Carnival Cubs go Marketeers have had their fair share of good and bad luck but they have never really strayed from a top ten position in the Bridgwater Carnival parades or concerts.

Last year they scooped the top prize at the Carnival Concerts for their entry, Mundo Afrika, and they also shared the Charlton Cup with Gremlins CC for their cart entry. For this year's extravaganza the club have yet again been slogging away to make sure that they are step perfect, that every stitch is in place and that the cart, which cost £14,000 to make, was shining brightly with its 20,000 light bulbs.

Skilled seamstresses Nicki Rogers, Myra Ball and Teresa Moretti have been working hard on getting the costumes just right. They have been up to their eyes in reams of material and making sure that all the shirts, skirts and trousers fit perfectly and so they could stand the demands of the concerts and the Carnival circuit. And expert choreography from Teresa Moretti ensured that the show and the parade were full of vitality and bounce.
Around 50 people were involved in the stage show and half of those went on the cart as well. The new regulation for Carnival carts has affected the progress of the cart building. Main engineer Alan Elson has been in charge building-this year's cart. Weeks before the Carnival circuit began, Alan was spending four or five nights a week creating this year's masterpiece Nick added: "The new regulations have slowed us down Quite a bit. We had to take the cart apart completely and this took a while. Normally the cart would take about half a year to build, but this time it is Taken us nearly a year. We started building property in April" he added "But Carnival is not just about building the cart and having fun, it's about the hard work of fund-raising, This year to raise the cash the
Marketeers held some gigs and top cabaret evenings.
Marketeers have been in the Carnival for nearly 4O years and they will probably be here for at least another 40.They are energetic, determined and have a positive outlook that see them through anything

Song Scena: TOBAPUW Marketeers Carnival Club
The year is 1917. With the overthrow of the royal family the people of Russia have taken control of their country and are celebrating the success of the peoples army. In England you say "Friend or Comrade".
In Russia we say TOBAPUW

"Moscow State circus"

Moscow State Circus joins the big parade
Marketeers CC were flying high with the Moscow State Circus powered by music from local composer Joe Moretti. The giant club, which was formed in 1960 and clinched the White Hart Cup at last years Carnival Concerts, served up a tantalising Cossack treat.
Spiraling Russian-style domes dominated the illuminated float as the circus acts encouraged us to come to the greatest show on earth. From Russia With Love were Kenny Rogers,
Aiden Crocker, Dan Cullen, Beaker, Andy Valender, Jason Brazewell, Lee Savage, Garry Martin, Adrian Horne, Jock, Paul Elson,
Alan Windsor, Dobbin, Clive Farrance, Man Knapp, Guppy,
Gord Bennett, Chunk Dunster, Dave Coleman, Neil Marsdon, Gooner, Jon Horsey, Dave Tipney, Mike West, Mike Butt, Mark (Dessie) Mason, Doey, Dean Webber, Dapman,
Steve Payne, Carl Bishop, Darren Cross, Ian Barber, Jason Davey, Justin Godfrey
and Bill Dowell.

Officials of the club

Marketeers CC President, Paul Brazewell;
Chairman, Jason Brazewell;
Secretary. Jon Horsey;
Captain, Jock Halley;
Treasurer, Allan Elson;
Choreographer Teresa Moretti;
Dressmakers, Nicki Rogers, Myra Ball and Suzette Dunster;
Tractor driver, Charlie "Thumbs-ups" Radford;
Electricians, Andy Brown, Adrian Horne, Dave Kirk and gang;
Musical director, Joe Moretti;
Personnel not on flot, Annabel Moretti, Georgia Moretti, Emma Phillips, Claire Valender Morton, Sally Webber, Pippa Cross, Suzette Dunster, Rachel Mason, Jayne Horne, Kerry· Elson, Nicki Rogers, Jo Thomas, Allan Elson, Phil Bayley, Phil Mills, and Gary Chidgey;
Road crew, Admiral, Chris Mockridge, Derek Marsden,
Bob Baker, Dan the Sound Man, Rich Radford, Ken Marsh, Ian Legg, Paul Brazewell, Jon Horsey, John Harper
and Dick Stains.

This information was Taken fom the
Bridgwater Mercury
Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival
Marketeers would like to thank them

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