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The term Marketeer is used to describe individuals, typically persons or groups of persons dressed in Red Fluffy jackets and having a Chuffin‘ Good Time!! Often engaged in drinking activities that involve all kinds of fun!!

Marketeers Carnival Club Bridgwater EST 1960
Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in.

1970 "Bridge over the river Kwai"

Last updated 10-12-12

This was to be the year that the club rallied it old forces together with a considerable number of new and enthusiastic members. The result being that total membership reach some 30 people.
It would be fair to say that not one person could really have visualized the impact that "Bridge over a the river Kwai" was going to have in that distant month of November.
With a much higher percentage of young members in the club, successful dances were being run at the Blake Hall, featuring such popular names of that era as "The Nashville Teens". The financial situation had improved tremendously and as early as July, British soldier uniforms words being handed out to the members. It was requested of the lads that they should abuse these costumes in every conceivable way. The result being that brand new uniforms were buried in members back gardens, fat was rubbed in into shirts to give the effect of sweat, and in general all the costumes except those of the Japanese soldiers, were put on for the first night of the carnival concert in the most disgusting state ever among imaginable!

1970 stage 5th position


The members appeared on stage as if they had come straight from "The front".
The show conveyed a sense of comradeship as the lads joined in such Poplar oldies as "Roll Out The Barrel" followed by "When We Are All Together Again". Then came a solo by David "Taffy" Hurford entitled "Roll Me Over In The Clover". At this stage the show changed gear, with a heart rendering version of "Homeward", and then into a number that is still very popular with the older members after almost thirty years called "Land Of Begin Again" which made a fitting end to a very enjoyable show. Stage props, included such things as a cut out of the British Isles at the back of the stage. This was painted in the colors of the Union Jack.

The cart 3rd position
Marketeers would like to thank the
for leting us use photos from the Bill Puddy


"The Bridge" must have been one of the cheapest float built by the club for a considerable number of years. The Forestry Commission were approached and a deal set up with them to purchased the number of trees required to build "The Bridge", after which an allowance would be made on return of the trees to the source of supply. The club was to enter the procession as the last feature in Division Two. It was without any doubt the tallest float and certainly the longest of the entire procession. It also conveyed the atmosphere and sheer hell which the soldiers went through to build this famous Bridge.
The make-up of both the Japanese and British soldiers was especially effective. This, together with a striking shape in the form of lightning, resulted in third place for the club and also the Walter Hooper cup for the second time.

Officials of the club

President Mr. R Johnstone
Vice presidents K Bell P Hancock,
Mrs. P Reed, J Snook and R Storey.
Chairman P Lewis
Captain T Pickett
Secretary R Stoodley
Treasure C Hocking
Competition secretary P Baker

Road Results

1st Ramblers club "Minstrel Magic"
2nd Vagabonds club "The Witches"
3rd Commercial club "Bridge over the river Kwai"

North Petherton
1st Vagabonds club "The Witches"
2nd Ramblers club "Minstrel Magic"
3rd Wick club "There Was An Old Woman"
4th Commercial club "Bridge over the river Kwai"

Burnham and Highbridge
1st Commercial club "Bridge over the river Kwai"
2nd Ramblers club "Minstrel Magic"
Equal 3rd Y M C A "Cossack Wedding"
lime kiln club "Oliver twist"

A humorous misquoted from a newspaper covering the result at Shepton Mallet "First prize in the open tableaux section was won by Bridgwater Old Farmers with their float entitled "Bridge over the river Kwai". This has already won several prizes at other carivals." We would not have minded if this reporter had passed us as Bridgwater young Farmers!!!
Still, who knows, they may call us Bridgwater and District Scout troop next year!

Shepton Mallet
1st Commercial club "Bridge over the river Kwai"
2nd Ramblers club "Minstrel Magic"
3rd lime kiln club "Oliver twist"

1st Ramblers club "Minstrel Magic"
2nd Commercial club "Bridge over the river Kwai"
3rd not known

1st Commercial club "Bridge over the river Kwai"
2nd lime kiln club "Oliver twist"
3rd Ramblers club "Minstrel Magic"

1st Ramblers club "Minstrel Magic"
2nd Wick club "There Was An Old Woman"
3rd Commercial club "Bridge over the river Kwai"
One of the most controversial result of 1970 was to take place at Weston, with the Commercial club's entry being placed third in its section, then being awarded "Best Overall Float in the Procession,. It nice to see some things still don't change

Footnote A new Kenwood food mixer could be purchased at S.W.E.B. for 6.00.

Taken from the book
With grateful thanks to Bob Chidgey, Lyn Gore, Andy Bawden, John Williams, Malcolm Wills, Chris Hocking and Gerrard Dunster
Without whom this book would not have been possible
Transferred to the web By David Kirk Jnr (Jones)



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