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The term Marketeer is used to describe individuals, typically persons or groups of persons dressed in Red Fluffy jackets and having a Chuffin‘ Good Time!! Often engaged in drinking activities that involve all kinds of fun!!

Marketeers Carnival Club Bridgwater EST 1960
Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in.

1969 "Toyland medley"

Last updated 10-12-12

One would have thought that with the continuing success of the club over the past three or four years, membership would have increased. Far from this happening, financial problems and a general declining interest, resulted in a major crises.
However, the few members who held the club together (some 14 in all) strolled along in real carnival spirit to come up with "Toyland medley".
It should be pointed out at this stage, that it was touch and go whether to continue or disband the club for the second time.
The club, still operated at the commercial Inn, did their utmost within the limitations of the membership to raise enough money. Firstly, to get them out of the previous year's debt and secondly, to earn enough money to partake in the 1969 carnival.
It was one of the toughest years that the club had experienced but also one of the most enjoyable because all the lads pulled together as a team.
Rehearsals took place at Holy Trinity Church hall in Hamp St. which was a venue that had been used for two years only.
The cart was to be designed around a nursery scene featuring at the back, a pile of children's building blocks, while the centerpiece was to be a giant, golliwog whose head would move from side to side. The remainder of the front section featuring two swings and, situated right at the front, a model of Noddy`s Car.
All the members depicted different nursery rhyme characters, from Noddy and Big Ears to toy soldiers and even a super portrayal of Andy Pandy From Mr. Terry picket.

1969 stage 5th position

1969 stage

"Toyland Medley" was a bright colorful presentation featuring a nursery scene. The members represented such famous Toyland characters as Noddy and Big Ears, P C Plod, golliwogs, and toy soldiers.
The theme of the show was to act out these characters and at the same time feature such songs as "Toy Blues" then "Superkalafrajalistic" etc. From "Mary Poppins" followed by "Fortuosity" from "Half a Sixpence" then finishing on "a live show is the best show".
Part of the stage setting was a model of the famous Toyland, car Noddy 1 which was also to be used on the cart some Four weeks later.
Balloons by the dozen were used to give that party feeling the toys were portrayed.

The cart 5th position

The photos below are from the
Bill Puddy Collection
Marketeers would like to thank the
for leting us use them


1969 still saw the procession lining up at Polden St. and the Wellington Road area.
For the entire carnival, this was to be a record year, from the total number of entries which ended up at over one hundred to the collection which was recorded at just over 500.
The club were to be found in Division Two of the procession and were the last local features in that section.
Depicting this delightful and somewhat succulent entry entitled "Toyland Medley", the members movements were related to the necessary part they were portrayed. Noddy and Big Ears were sat in the Noddy 1 car at the front of the float, waving to the crowd while golliwogs sat on swings, covering the side,. It was Andy Pandy`s job to keep popping out of a large basket in the center of the float and giving the children's a quick wave before disappearing back inside the basket. P C Plod was to be seen riding around the float on a bicycle that appeared to be causing him great discomfort!
But alas, "Toyland Medley" was not to be, as far as the judges were concerned, and at the end of it all, only the model golliwog was moved to tears

Officials of the club

President R Johnston
Chairman P Lewis
Treasure P Harvey
Secretary R stoodley

1969 Road results

1st Vagabonds club "Golliwogs Time in Golliwog Town"
2nd lime kiln club "The Mighty Bird Hunters"
3rd Pig and whistle club "Trans-polar expedition"

Commercial club 5th position

North Petherton
1st Vagabonds club "Golliwogs Time in Golliwog Town"
2nd Pig and whistle club "Trans-polar expedition"
3rd lime kiln club "The Mighty Bird Hunters"

Burnham and Highbridge
1st Vagabonds club "Golliwogs Time in Golliwog Town"
2nd lime kiln club "The Mighty Bird Hunters"
3rd Commercial club "Toyland Medley"

Shepton Mallet
1st British flag club "Dynasty of Asian monks"
2nd Vagabonds club "Golliwogs Time in Golliwog Town"
3rd not known

1st Vagabonds club "Golliwogs Time in Golliwog Town"
2nd British flag club "Dynasty of Asian monks"
3rd lime kiln club "The Mighty Bird Hunters"

1st lime kiln club "The Mighty Bird Hunters"
2nd Vagabonds club "Golliwogs Time in Golliwog Town"
3rd British flag club "Dynasty of Asian monks"

1st Vagabonds club "Golliwogs Time in Golliwog Town"
2nd Ramblers club "sacrifices of the ice cold"
3rd British flag club "Dynasty of Asian monks"

A quote from the Bridgwater Mercury 28th October 1969
"Mr. Ken Parsons stated that five hundred Squibs had been ordered for use in the competitions and would be on sale for 12/6 d. Each."

Footnote Appearing at the Newmarket Hotel on Friday 27 November were "The Platters" admission 10/-.

Taken from the book
With grateful thanks to Bob Chidgey, Lyn Gore, Andy Bawden, John Williams, Malcolm Wills, Chris Hocking and Gerrard Dunster
Without whom this book would not have been possible
Transferred to the web By David Kirk Jnr (Jones)



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