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The term Marketeer is used to describe individuals, typically persons or groups of persons dressed in Red Fluffy jackets and having a Chuffin‘ Good Time!! Often engaged in drinking activities that involve all kinds of fun!!

Marketeers Carnival Club Bridgwater EST 1960
Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in.

1965 "Brazilian carnival"

Last updated 10-12-12

Continuing their stay at the Duke of Monmouth , a theme was put foreword that could only be defined as "carnival" in every sense of the word. "Brazilian carnival" offered a new approach to any previous idea done by the club.

To financially support the idea, dances were arranged at such places as the Black Horse, the town hall and the newmarket, where the lads hired the services of a very popular local group at the time called "the pressmen". On a Friday night as much as £60 would be raised at a dance.
The cart was to be moved out of wellworthy`s and built than Paddons Yard which in 1965 was an overgrown brickyard at the end of All Saints terrace

Stage 8th position


Right from the start of the show, the club's defined anyone to keep their feet still during the Latin American music.
Fairy lights were used on stage and all the members were dressed in South American outfits. There was a real fiesta type atmosphere with streamers being thrown, backed by the music of guitars, tambourines and tom-toms.
Even Edmundo Ross with have been delighted with what he saw considering that one of his songs was being aired, this being "the laughing samba".

The cart 7th position

We have no photo can you help us

The cart was described as a gay and colorful possession offering everything that one would expect at a "Brazilian carnival". What was lacking in cart structure was more than made up for in sheer veer and enthusiasm. This was a difficult float to light due to lack of structure offering overhead lighting, but the end result was as an enjoyable carnival and that alone will always win first prize with a true carnivalites.

Officials of the club
President Mr. and Mrs. B Ashurst
Chairman Mr. B Davies
Secretary P Hesselberg
Joint treasurers R Jenkins and J Williams
Captain R stoodley

1965 road results

1st vagabonds club "Ambush"
2nd hope Inn club "Invitation to the ball"
3rd lime kiln club "Tudor times"
Duke of Monmouth club 7th position

North Petherton
1st Pig and whistle club "The Aztecs"
2nd lime kiln club "Tudor times"
3rd hope Inn club "Invitation to the Ball"

1st lime kiln club "Tudor times"
2nd Westzoyland club "Nights of Gladness"
3rd Black Horse club "Seasonal fantasy"
4th Duke of Monmouth club "Brazilian carnival"

Shepton Mallet
1st Westzoyland club "Nights of Gladness"
2nd lime kill club "Tudor times"
3rd Black Horse club "Seasonal fantasy"

1st lime kiln club in "Tudor times"
2nd Westzoyland club "Nights of Gladness"
3rd Black Horse club "Seasonal fantasy"
4th Duke of Monmouth club "Brazilian carnival"

A quote from the press 1965 "Bristol City are showing interest in Bridgwater towns promising goalkeeper Mick Bawden. City manager Fred Ford said that he had been getting consistently good reports about 17 year old Bawden . Mick played in the place of John Lacey the normal Bristol City goalkeeper who was due to play for the England youth team". Mick is still a part of Marketeers carnival club 10-12-2012)

Taken from the book
With grateful thanks to Bob Chidgey, Lyn Gore, Andy Bawden, John Williams, Malcolm Wills, Chris Hocking and Gerrard Dunster
Without whom this book would not have been possible
Transferred to the web By David Kirk Jnr (Jones)



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